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Report: FOI Convocation at the Temple of Isis 2010

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Loreon Vigne, founder of the Temple of Isis, Geyserville, California

The Fellowship of Isis Convocation
at the Temple of Isis 10 2010 Revisited
Dedicated to Isis of Ten Thousand Names
By Loreon Vigne
This convocation was to be dedicated this year to the Goddess Isis of 10,000 Names. As I do every year I select some lovely paper to decorate the folders I offer to each participant. This year I found some lovely rainbow paper at the dollar store that was perfect for the image of Isis I printed over the design. Usually I pay about $25 for the paper but this was too good to be true. I hope it is a symbol of the way things will be going next year. We all need to find ways to get by for less at this time. Then I outfitted the pocket folder with the schedule of events and a number of other things including a small booklet titled Steps Toward Inner Peace by Peace Pilgrim.

About 60 people attended, most for the whole time, and more came for special events. It kicked off as usual with an amazingly choreographed dance by sacred dancer and Priestess Le'ema. Every year she dances a different Goddess to perfection but this year she found ten others, some ordained, and others to be ordained, that she outfitted with the costumes she had worn in other years and so she, clad in an amazing gold attire, was joined one at a time by the others who portrayed each Goddess with perfect movements depicting each Goddess, while a carefully selected image of that Goddess was projected on a large screen behind them, merging together in a miraculous way. All of us were totally awed by the beauty of the performance and hope it will soon appear on youtube.com.

Lady Olivia is always next on the agenda as we all go into a trance with her guided meditation always touching on deep and meaningful aspects on what is going on in the world and within our own souls.

Finally each of us came forward to introduce ourselves by pulling a paper with a Goddess name and the meaning of that Goddess. It is always surprising to discover that each selection somehow relates to us for whatever reason. I pulled Juno and my middle name is June as I was born in that month, so I do have an affinity to Juno.

On Saturday morning we, as usual, after a hardy breakfast ascended the stairs to the Grand Temple to hear Rev. Linda Iles who promised to inform us about how it happened that Isis is called the Goddess of 10,000 names. She unraveled the mystery in her own inimitable way and ended by showing us that the raised index finger is the sign of 10,000 in ancient Egyptian. It was a brilliant talk and we all raised our index fingers after that.
Thereafter Rev. deTraci Regula. unveiled her latest book on Sistrums and gave the history on them addressing also how to make your own. We even used fimo dough to create tiny sistrums to wear as necklaces. It is clear one cannot be a Priestess without a sistrum. This shook us all us all up.

So after lunch we met again to hear Rev. Arisa Victor also known as Granny Rainbow. She demonstrated the relationship of the Tarot cards ,using beautiful large cards that she herself painted, with the Cabala and Alchemy. She has authored a delightful and colorful book called High School Astrology which is available for $29.
Then Richard Reidy did a presentation on ritual in ancient Egypt and how we can worship today utilizing what we now know about how it was ‘done in the past. Through his studies he attempts to follow as much of the Kemetic authenticity as can be mustered.

After this inspiring talk we all went down to be under our 600 year old tree where Rev. Annie Waters facilitated a process called “Going Forth” that had us sitting in fours using a special way to help each of us realize our own personal vision. We all made Goddess Isis Prayer Flags to emphasis our visions on the back of each.

After dinner we assembled again in our Theatre/Temple to enjoy a play written by Lady Loreon, founder of Isis Oasis. The visuals were by Rev. Elizabeth Kelley and the narration by Rev. Christy Salo, while the Peace Pilgrim was played by Rev. Zarita Zook. The play was called the Peace Pilgrim and the Goddess, and was the story of how this wonderful woman walked first 10,000 miles for peace and later went on to achieve 25,000 miles all across our country. taking nothing with her but her toothbrush and comb. She was truly a saint driven by a higher power we called the Goddess. Check her out at www.peacepilgrim.org   Zarita was superb as the Peace Pilgrim and we all were enthralled by the play. This evening culminated in a ritual for peace with Priestess Mother Bear.

Sunday started with Qi Gong with Jan Seaforth and then the highly spiritual Gnostic Mass of Mary Magdalene with Rev. Elizabeth Kelley and her entourage of beautiful Priestesses which this year incorporated the litany of the Goddess Isis of 10,000 names. The lines going forth to accept the bread and wine seemed to go on forever for no one did not attend.

After this we spent time with Priest Dragonfly under the sacred tree once again where we got our wands cleansed and did some healing exercises he calls the Galactic Star Gate Chakra balancing. He made a wonderful magician and while invoking the Goddess Isis of 10,000 Names, suddenly several hundred motorcycles roared by on Geyserville Avenue but somehow it just added to the energy of the procedure we were involved in.

So after lunch it was time to ordain and Lady Olivia was up to the job. There were about 15 new ordinees and they were clearly ready to accept the responsibility to take on the role of Priestess or Priest. In between we had some wonderful dancing and entertainment.  In the Muses Symposium, Priestess and Sacred Dancer Le'ema was blessed by Olivia, Le'ema's work is dedicated to the honoring of the Muse Terpsichore. Our Priestess Sundari is dedicated to the Muse Polyhymnia.

That evening, after our feast on the pavilion we entered the Grand Temple once more to see the film that is being made of Lady Olivia by a young man who works with the BBC. It is an intimate glimpse into the life of this wonderful Lady. who with her brother Lawrence founded the Fellowship of Isis. It is a mixture of magical ceremony and a day in the life of Olivia in her home at Castle Clonegal. We all loved the film and hope it will be released soon for all to see. in its entirety.

On Monday morning it was time to engage in the Adoration of the Goddess Isis of 10,000 names. Rev. Zarita Zook created the most beautiful altar I have ever seen. It was breathtaking and the program was truly inspiring and so well worked out. Although there were not exactly 10,000 names, there were a great many and we went away with our index fingers in the air and a greater depth in the understanding of this miraculous Goddess we all love.

Those that wished to stay after lunch were invited to sit in on the meeting of the Temple of Isis board of directors. Here we decided next year the convocation would be dedicated to the Goddess Heket.

About the Author: Loreon Vigne is a member of the ArchPriesthood Union and Grand Commander Union of the Fellowship of Isis, in which she has long been both a member and an ordained priestess. She founded the Temple of Isis at Geyserville, California in 1996. The Temple of Isis is a legally recognized church which offers legal minister status for FOI priesthood members. Loreon writes: "We honor the Goddess Isis, who equates with Mother Earth, and has been worshipped longer than any other deity known on this planet." Loreon also owns and manages the property named Isis Oasis in Geyserville, a retreat center which houses two active temple buildings, the Isis Chapel and the Main Temple. http://www.isisoasis.org/temp1/docs/about.htm


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