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COVER: Volume V, Issue 3, Samhain 2010
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The Wild and Grassy Slope
We Honor the Earth
The Berwyn Mountains of Poetic Adventure
The Coming of the Cailleach
An Isian Midwinter Meditation
Wenet the Swift One: Hare Goddess of Ancient Egypt
Awakening of Aengus Og and Tara Rite
Druid in the Garden
Ancient Egyptian Creation Myths
Announcements: From Olivia Robertson
REPORT: Convocation of the Fellowship of Isis at the Temple of Isis 2010
REVIEW: Avalonian Aeon
MUSES SYMPOSIUM: Bentreshyt: Harp of Joy
Hestia's Hearth Fires
Shadow Queen
Hymn to Isis
Prayer to Isis
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Elda Lantz served as editor of the Mirror of Isis from the premiere issue, Beltane 2006 through our Samhain 2007 issue. Although Elda loved her work as editor, in early 2008 she received an incredible opportunity to go forward with her higher education and earn a teaching credential. The sheer amount of time she had to devote to this intensive program of study precluded other committments. Below, we have gathered all her editorials from the issues she served as editor. 
Elda is an ordained priestess in both the Fellowship of Isis and the Temple of Isis. She is Priestess Hierophant of the Lyceum of the Eclectic Rose/Iseum of StarWolf, ArchDruidess of the Grove of the Avalon Rose, Grand Dame Commander of the Priory of the Grael Rose and Solar Priestess Alchemist of the Solar Iseum of the Twin Suns.
Beltane 2006

Welcome to the premier issue of the Mirror of Isis, a publication of the Circle of Isis Advisory Council - Geyserville, CA. The Mirror of Isis is published quarterly: May 1, August 1, October 31, and February 1.


Welcome to the premier issue of the Mirror of Isis, the Circle of Isis - Geyserville, CA on-line newsletter. This newsletter is a result of the February 2006 meeting of the Circle of Isis Advisory Council held at Isis Oasis Sanctuary.

It was the consensus of the Council that we needed a forum to record, not only the minutes of our meetings, but to showcase the talents of the Fellowship of Isis / Temple of Isis members in our region and beyond. The newsletter will also enable us to promote events / workshops that are of interest to our members, and to educate those who visit our website about the principles and ideals that we cherish. It will be published to the web near the Cross-Quarters (May 1, August 1, October 31, and February 1).

We have within the Fellowship some great regional and national publications already. Deena Butta’s wonderful Isis-Seshat and the Temple of Isis/Los Angeles Isis Papers to name a couple. If you haven’t yet read either of these, I highly recommend them. Of, course, in mentioning newsletters we cannot forget, Isian News, the publication originiated by Lady Olivia Robertson and found on the Internet at Connia Silver's Fellowship of Isis Homepage at http://www.fellowshipofisis.com.

Why another newsletter, you might ask?

With the growing interest in Mary Magdalene (thanks in part to Dan Brown’s The DiVinci Code, as well as some other fantastic books about the Magdala), as well as a rapidly growing interest in the Divine Feminine Mysteries in general, we would be offering a service not only to our membership, but also to those who are searching for knowledge and come to our web site.

We are offering some unique areas of interest within our newsletter. These include a special Correspondent’s Reflections area. Our “correspondents” are from a wide-range of membership areas and will be reporting on the events and activities in their regions. Also, because we have a large number of fantastic authors within the Fellowship, we will be featuring two or three of them in each issue, giving you an inside look at their latest work.

And, along with educational and general articles of interest, we will also be featuring poetry that has been submitted as offerings by members.

Eventually, we hope to include a section in each issue reflecting the different paths that comprise the Fellowship: the Isian Path, the Druid Clan of Dana, the Noble Order of Tara, and the Spiral of Alchemy. But to begin, the Premier Volume of The Mirror of Isis will contain an issue dedicated to each of these. Thus this issue is dedicated to the Isian Path.

When coming up with a name for the newsletter, I wrote to Linda Iles and asked her what she thought we should call the newsletter. I didn't want it to conflict with other newsletters and/or magazines that were important to FOI members, thus the name Mirror of Isis. This is because I want this newsletter (or, e-zine) to be a reflection of the vast talents of our members. For remember, we are all reflections of Her.

We hope you enjoy The Mirror of Isis. I want to personally thank all who have contributed to this project, you have all been a joy to work with in the creation of The Mirror of Isis. I would also like to encourage feedback on what you like about the Mirror of Isis, what you dislike, what you would like to see in the future, etc.

Remember, this is your newsletter and our wish is to have it reflect the Spirit of the Fellowship of Isis.

Blessings of the Winged One,

Elda Lantz, ArchDrs, Grove of the Avalon Rose

Lughnasadh 2006


A big THANK YOU! to all of our readers, contributors and staff who helped to make the premier issue of The Mirror of Isis a huge success. It is always exciting, yet a little frightening when we embark on a new journey. With faith and trust in the Goddess to guide us the first step on this journey and each step afterward became easier. And, on April 29th, the first issue of The Mirror of Isis was published to the Web.

As with any new venture, we saw a few changes that we wanted to make here and there. The first change we made was in the creation of a “Cover”. The artwork for this issue is a drawing that Lady Olivia Robertson presented to ArchDrs. Linda Iles at her Consecration in October 2004 at the Nesu House (one of the many buildings located on the grounds) at Isis Oasis Sanctuary in Geyserville, California.

The second major change is in the way our “Mark Your Calendar” pages look. Instead of trying to go by the calendar, we have changed the pages to go by Presenter/Topic. Even I got lost in the pages of the Beltane issue. So, I think the new format will be easier for you to follow.

The staff and I truly appreciate all of the wonderful e-mails and comments we received regarding the Premier issue. I have included the first ten of these comments in a new feature, Readers Comments. I encourage you to write us at Comments@mirrorofisis.freeyellow.com with any comments and/or suggestions.
This issue of The Mirror of Isis is dedicated to the Fellowship of Isis’s Druid Clan of Dana: An Clann Draoidheadchia Danann. Whenever I think of the Celtic Druids, I can’t help but also think of all of the indigenous Peoples: Shamans/Shamanesses, Medicine Men/Women, etc. Thus, we are also honoring all Holy Men/Women; all Healers; all Lightworkers.

I think we have some great articles in this issue of The Mirror of Isis that you will find both fascinating and thought-provoking. Michael Starsheen's Solilunar essay about the phases of the Sun and Moon; Linda Iles' continuing look at The Star of Ishtar and the Web of the Universe; and Morgana's look at the commonality of Shamanism and the Druidaic Path will tantalize your curiosity for more.

Your interest in my article in the Premier Issue of The Mirror of Isis on Endangered Wild Cats was heart touching. Many of you asked that I continue the series by focusing on the plights of individual spieces of cats. A few years ago, I was studying the Shamanic Path and experienced Cougar during a trance journey. I came away from that journey with a message that I call, Why Cougar Screams. I share that journey with you in this issue, along with some information about this beautiful member of our feline family.

In the Grove of the Avalon Rose, we work with Merlyn and the Lady of the Lake. I have included a primer on the Lady of the Lake, who first came to me as Nimue. I want to thank Linda Iles for her beautiful original drawing which accompanies the article.

There are many other articles that have been contributed to this issue of The Mirror of Isis that you will find interesting, thought-provoking and possibly inspirational.

Speaking of inspirational, a few years ago, Lady Olivia appointed me with a Special Project for the Fellowship, a collection of biographies from Priest/esses on how they heard the "Call of the Goddess". As with many projects, they sometimes get put on the "back-burner" until it is time for them to come forward again. Beginning with this issue, we are resurrecting The Spirit of Isis.

In a recent e-mail from one of the many discussion forums that I belong to, the following came to my Inbox and I thought it fit so well with the topic of our issue that I wanted to include it, but wasn’t sure where to fit it in, so I think I will end this editorial with:

Joseph Campbell's: Ten Commandments for Reading Mythology

1. Read myths with the eyes of wonder: the myths transparent to their
universal meaning, their meaning transparent to its mysterious source.

2. Read myths in the present tense: Eternity is now.

3. Read myths in the first person plural: the Gods and Goddesses of ancient
mythology still live within you.

4. Any myth worth its salt exerts a powerful magnetism. Notice the images
and stories that you are drawn to and repelled by. Investigate the field of
associated images and stories.

5. Look for patterns; don't get lost in the details. What is needed is not
more specialized scholarship, but more interdisciplinary vision. Make
connections; break old patterns of parochial thought.

6. Resacralize the secular: even a dollar bill reveals the imprint of

7. If God is everywhere, then myths can be generated anywhere, anytime, by
anything. Don't let your Romantic aversion to science blind you to the Buddha
in the computer chip.

8. Know your tribe! Myths never arise in a vacuum; they are the connective
tissue of the social body which enjoys synergistic relations with dreams
(private myths) and rituals (the enactment of myth).

9. Expand your horizons! Any mythology worth remembering will be global in
scope. The earth is our home and humankind is our family.

10. Read between the lines! Literalism kills; imagination quickens.

An after thought: I wrote this editorial prior to receiving the Oracle that appears in this issue. Since receiving the Oracle, I have had discussions with several people which confirm the importance of the message contained within the Oracle. We see everyday the unusal weather patterns that are occuring all over the world.

Unless we consciously make an effort on both the etheric and physical planes to transform the damage that has been done to our Earth Mother and our Sky Father, these weather patterns are only going to get worse. We must become activists in the cleaning of our environment and protection of the land. We must once again become the "Stewards of the Earth" that humanity was destined to be. We must honor All of Our Relations.

Until next time,

Goddess Bless,

Elda Lantz, Editor

Samhain 2006

Elda Lantz, Editor

It is that time of year when the “veil between the worlds” is at its’ thinnest. The air is crisp and thoughts of a long winter begin to fill our minds.

Many us have had the pleasure of visiting with the Honorable Lady Olivia Robertson during her annual tour of the United States. Despite her 89-years, Lady Olivia continues to inspire us with her vitality and wisdom. A report on the annual Convocation of the Fellowship of Isis / Temple of Isis follows this editorial.
This, the third issue of The Mirror of Isis, is dedicated to the Noble Order of Tara, one of the Sister Societies of the Fellowship of Isis. The purpose of the NOT is to work for the preservation of the environment. As a Grand Dame Commander in the NOT (Priory of the Grael Rose), I decided to begin my work in my own backyard. There is a wonderful television program on the Animal Planet entitled, Backyard Habitat. They provide great ideas for creating wildlife habitats in your own backyard, or in small spaces like apartment complexes.

All my life I have been surrounded by animals: dogs, cats, parakeets, fish, etc. I even had a pet California Quail when I lived out in the country. When I was six, I remember hiding a Garter snake under a barrel so that my father wouldn’t harm him. And I would bring home every stray dog and cat that would follow me.

I am lucky to have a ¾ acre backyard. I have several birdfeeders for the small birds and even the California Magpies, Red-Headed Woodpeckers, Scrub Jays, Robins, Doves, and an occasional Quail find seeds and berries to add to their diets. And, hummingbirds of course. We also have squirrels, Jack Rabbits, and skunks that come through the yard on occasion. And, I can’t forget to mention the two bull snakes that live in the corner of the backyard. With a little imagination and taking the time to think of the needs of our animal family, you too can have the joy of awaking to the songs of happy birds.

If you have dried sunflowers in your garden, try stringing them together and hanging them between a couple of trees for a treat for the birds.

Visit www.nfg.org/wildlifehabitat for information on how you can create a backyard habitat where you live.

I want to thank all of our readers and contributors for making The Mirror of Isis such a success. You are all a joy to work with.

Here is wishing that your Samhain is full of Treats and not Tricks,


Elda Lantz, Editor
Prs. H. Lyceum of the Eclectic Rose/Iseum of StarWolf
Arch Drs., Grove of the Avalon Rose
GDC, Priory of the Grael Rose
SPrsA, Solar Iseum of the Twin Suns

Brigantia 2007

Elda Lantz, ArchDrs., Grove of the Avalon Rose
Editor, Mirror of Isis

Welcome to this, the fourth issue of Volume I of The Mirror of Isis. It was just a few short months ago, it seems, that I was sitting in the front room of the Nesu House at Isis Oasis with my fellow members of the Circle of Isis Advisory Board discussing how we might further inform people of our activities (and the activities of fellow members of the Fellowship of Isis and the Temple of Isis). Out of that discussion, the Mirror of Isis was born. Our initial vision was a short one- to two-page newsletter. Maybe a report of our meeting and a calendar of up-coming events.

As with many things in my life that are of a Spiritual nature, The Mirror of Isis, took on a life of its’ own. Not only did the Beltane 2006 Issue include the Report of the Meeting of the Circle of Isis Advisory Board and a Calendar of Up-Coming Events, it also included an Oracle for the contemplation of the readership, reports of Iseum/Lyceum/Grove/Priory activities from around the country; poetry, and prayers. It was a renewal of old friendships and the creation of new ones, networking to make The Mirror of Isis the true reflection of the Goddess and the Fellowship of Isis/Temple of Isis Community that it is.

This issue is dedicated to the Spiral of Alchemy. According to Ernest Holmes (A Dictionary of New Thought Terms; DeVorss & Company, 1991, pg. 5), Alchemy is, “A medieval science, the object of which was to try to transmute base metals into gold. In the life of the metaphysician, the term alchemy is used in referring to the transmutation of the lower nature (that is, the qualities of ruthless selfishness, greed, cruelty, etc.) into the perfect spiritual Form, toward which man is evolving. The uncovering of the God-self, which already exists, potentially, in each one. This alchemy, or transmutation is an actual chemical change in the cells of the body, through the use of mental law and high spiritual aspiration. Love is referred to as the Great Alchemist, since where Love is manifest, harmony and right action follow. The vibratory forces of the body are lifted and changed into higher and finer rates of vibration. This is the basis for the panancea of the Elixir of Life, which is eternal youth, so long sought for.” This definition is also true for the Ordained Clergy who choose to explore their inner spiritual journey, it is a path of self-transmutation and the discovery of the true self.

The Oracle in this issue, came to me early in January. I, along with many of you, have received messages from the Divine Consciousness, or Source, regarding Earth Changes, or what is often referred to as, The Shift of the Ages. I had not received this type of message for sometime.

Perhaps, because of the recent news of the melting ice caps, my subconscious was open to once again receiving such a message. I offer it here as a means of bringing our environmental issues once again to the forefront of our thinking and as a reminder that we are indeed the Steward/esses of the Earth and we need to be reminded to once again, walk gently upon Her.

A change in my offering of Endangered Species in this issue. Although, the Canadian Lynx really wanted to be featured, Lady Olivia asked me to explore the plight of the polar bear when we were having tea early one morning during the Convocation at Isis Oasis. Much to my surprise; soon after completing my research into the Polar Bear it was featured on most national newscasts as being a “Threatened Species.”

We are very pleased to introduce to you in this issue of The Mirror of Isis the work of Irish artist, Michael Howes whose drawings of Lady Olivia and Clonegal Castle are inspiring. We are also very honored to introduce you to the work of Minette Quick, a long time member of the Fellowship. Also, very special to me in this issue are two meditations found in the Prayer & Ritual section: Remembering the Magdalene Within by Joan Norton, author of The Mary Magdalene Within, and Caduceus Empowerment Initiation Meditation by Nicki Scully, author of Alchemical Healing: A Guide to Spiritual, Physical, and Transformational Medicine.

In addition, we send heartfelt gratitude to all the other contributors, many of whom have regularly sent in their beautiful work for inclusion within issues of the Mirror of Isis this past year. We couldn't offer a regularly issued publication without your offerings. In the first nine months of being online, The Mirror of Isis had in excess of 40,200 “hits”. We could not have done this without the many wonderful submissions received over the past months. Nor could we have attained this success without you, our faithful readers and your sharing of our website with your friends. We are all truly, a Reflection of Her.

Beltane 2007

by Elda Lantz
PrH, ArDrs., GDC, SPrsA
Editor, The Mirror of Isis

Welcome to the first issue of the second Volume of The Mirror of Isis, the Official Newsletter of the Circle of Isis Advisor Board. Our first year of publication was a success beyond our wildest dreams, thanks to you our readers and to those of you who were moved to contribute to each issue.

As we move into a new year of pubication, the Winds of Change, are once again making themselves known in all aspects of our lives. Have you noticed these in your own lives? Some may be subtle and others of such chaotic proportions, that we become so stressed that we try desperately to push them away.

In recent days, I have found myself involved in a couple of counseling situations that have brought forth the need for people to stand their personal truths in these changing times. We need to adhere to one of the Isian Path's greatest tenants, Know Thyself. We need t find that part of our deepest being. That area that houses our destiny. And, it is now time that we begin bringing forth that which we are here to truly experience and which will make a difference for future generations.

Those of us who have chosen to answer the Call of God/Goddess/All That Is are instruments in the future course of evlvement on our planet. It is thoseactions that we take as individuals, that when combined with those of like-minds, will Shift the current flow of energies that we are experiencing into that of Sacred Balance.

I was reminded in the Oracle that appears in this issue that many of us "walk the Path of the Sacred Marriage". Our souls' DNA contain that ancient, secret knowledge that catapulted civilizations to greatest beyond our present day comprehension. It is this knowledge that it is now time to bring forth and integrate in our daily lives and extend to those who are now crossing our path to support us in this work.

It is no longer when! It is no longer if! Today is the Dawn! Tomorrow is the Day!
Are you going o sit on the sidelines and "watch the world go by?" Or, are you going to join us and awaken to the Call of Action?


Elda Lantz


Lughnasadh 2007

Elda Lantz, ArchDrs., SPrsA

When we begin working on the latest issue of The Mirror of Isis, it never ceases to amaze me that it takes on a life of its’ own. People have asked me to let them know in advance what the theme will be so that they can work on an offering that will be appropriate for that particular issue. What we have found, is that even if we THINK an issue will be about a particular subject, the Goddess surprises us and turns it into something that is appropriate for the particular time that the issue will be published.

This issue is about the Earth, the Elements and the need to look within ourselves and see what it is that we can do to heal ourselves, those around us and especially the Earth….the Earth in our own backyards. Our own backyards (or if you live in an apartment….the Earth around you), it is a start. And if we each do our part, the energy that we create will carry forward and our intent will manifest.
If you listen to the news, or read the newspaper, you see articles nearly everyday about something going on in our environment. Or, speaking of healing, I’m sure everyone has now heard about the cat in the nursing home that predicts when a patient is going to cross to the Summerland…..with a very high rate of accuracy….25 times! It is to the point that when the cat crawls up on a patients bed, the staff calls the family so that they can be with their loved one in the final moments. Think about it! Doesn’t your own cat or dog know when you are sick and don’t they curl up next to you? Mine does.

So, what else you we do as individuals? Volunteer! Is there an animal sanctuary near you….they always need dedicated volunteers. Or, does your community have a community garden? Or, how about this one, why not volunteer at a local nursing home to read to the patients, or even just to visit them….especially those who do not have family.

Remember…..some day you to will be older and may find yourself in a similar situation…wouldn’t you like to have someone take time to become your friend?

Isis Blessings,


Samhain 2007

by Elda Lantz, Prs.H., ArchDrs., GDC, SPrsA
Editor, The Mirror of Isis

In recent months, I have begun sharing with you what my guides have been telling me the last seventeen years….”..the time of the great shift is upon you…”. All we need to do is look around us…the Earth is transforming … whether this transformation is the work of the Divine Consciousness or simply the “Greenhouse Effects” that we hear so much about these days is entirely the choice of each individual. What we all can agree upon is that in recent years we have seen unbelievable destruction due to floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes, hurricanes and fires…not to mention man’s contributions to this massive destruction in the form of war. We only need to look from year to year to see that this destruction is on the increase.

What we see happening is the manifestation of ancient prophecies…the Bible, the Maya Calendar, the Koran, the Navajo Prophecies, the Australian Aborigines Dreamtime…to name but a few…Many people choose to believe that the fact that the Maya Calendar ends on the 21st of December in the year 2012 means that day will see the end of the Earth. A Maya friend of mine once told me that although the Maya Calendar has been accurate as far as predicting events of our history, the originators of the calendar did not take into consideration for the time difference of the Earth’s rotation…thus the calendar could be extended as much as three years or as few as three years…2009? Or, 2015?

Another question to ask is does this mean the world itself will end? Or, does it mean that the world as we know it to be will end?

When I returned to my Spiritual Path in 1990, there was a lot of discussion about Earth Changes…some visionaries developed maps showing the coastline of California drastically changed…we were told to prepare for lack of food and water (remember Y2K)…

I do not want to be included with those who seem to be alarmists…however, I will say that the timeframe that I was given in 1990 for geographic changes of the Earth falls between 2009 and 2015. Should we panic? Fear is a natural instinct. We are always afraid of the unknown. Panic? Perhaps…if your consciousness dictates. But, if you walk in your Truth…you need not panic. For you will be prepared for what lies ahead of us.

Is it a coincidence that there has been an increase in the healing professions…not only traditional medicine, but alternative medicine as well? Is it a coincidence that many of us have returned to growing our own gardens and putting up food for the “winter” as was the custom of our parents and/or grandparents? Is it a coincidence that many have returned to the creation of crafts in the style of our ancestors? Is it a coincidence that many have returned to their Spiritual roots and reach out to embrace the Goddess once again?

Even those of us who are members of the Fellowship of Isis and the Temple of Isis are seeing changes within our own community. Personally, I embrace these changes for they are an expansion of our love, our community, our mission, our dedication to the spread of the Isian Principles…the Divine Mysteries…of the Ancient Truths in a Modern World.




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