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Oracles Channeled by Elda Lantz
COVER: Volume V, Issue 3, Samhain 2010
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The Wild and Grassy Slope
We Honor the Earth
The Berwyn Mountains of Poetic Adventure
The Coming of the Cailleach
An Isian Midwinter Meditation
Wenet the Swift One: Hare Goddess of Ancient Egypt
Awakening of Aengus Og and Tara Rite
Druid in the Garden
Ancient Egyptian Creation Myths
Announcements: From Olivia Robertson
REPORT: Convocation of the Fellowship of Isis at the Temple of Isis 2010
REVIEW: Avalonian Aeon
MUSES SYMPOSIUM: Bentreshyt: Harp of Joy
Hestia's Hearth Fires
Shadow Queen
Hymn to Isis
Prayer to Isis
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During her time as editor, Elda channeled a series of oracles, which were featured in the Mirror of Isis, starting with the Lughnasadh 2006 issue through Samhain, 2007. They are listed below in chronological order.


Lughnasadh 2006

Channeled through Elda Lantz, Arch Drs.
Grove of the Avalon Rose
Marysville, California

My Children, as you enter in the Northern Hemisphere what you refer to as the Harvest Season, you will see that many things have changed…both organic and non-organic farmers have been challenged with varying problems during the growing and planting season…weather was not kind to you …this will continue to plague you for the next few years…it will increase in intensity…and then will stabilize once more…for those who use chemicals …what you previously used to control pests and weeds no longer work…even the “new and improved” versions of these chemicals do not work…this is Nature at work…transforming itself against the chemical pollutants that mankind has forced upon the Earth Mother in the name of greed…Those who live in what you call the Southern Hemisphere…take note of the problems facing those in the North…take warning in the preparation of having emergency supplies during the autumn, winter and spring cycles…places that were once considered “safe” will no longer be spared as the Earth continues her “awakening”…her “cleansing”…those who live near volcanoes…take note of new activity…even near volcanoes that are considered by experts to be “extinct”…for many years, you have been told to prepare for The Shift…for Earth Changes…the time is at hand…it is time to picture…to visualize…the Earth Mother healed of the pollution….the greed…the destruction of resources…of plants, animals, stones…and even MAN!…it is not too late…but it is time to TAKE ACTION…do not panic as you did a few years ago…instead, be calm…be in charge of your destiny…for those who answer My Call to Action….you will be the leaders of the future Aeon….others will follow as you lead….some hold on to fear of what will be…let go of the fear…trust that you are not alone…trust that what will be ...will be as it should be….those who hold on to the fear…who hold on to the past will not be ready for the transformation that will soon take place…it is time to choose….the present….or the future….

Samhain 2006

Channeled through Rev. Elda Lantz
Arch.Drs./Grove of the Avalon Rose
28 October 2006 9:31 AM

My Children,

As you celebrate the harvest of the year that lies behind you, you now look towards the darkness of Winter when you may rest and contemplate the brightness of the coming Spring. As you contemplate, look deep within your hearts as to what you truly want to create for the future…I know that many of you long for a quiet, calmer time, but remember that without chaos, change cannot take place. Chaos…it is a word that frightens many…yet it need not be filled with turmoil and strife…it can simply be a catapult for transformation to take place…Remember, that without change, you become stagnant and bored…Change is necessary for growth, for evolvement…For some, the changes that are forth coming will be gentle, for you have already been "tested" and have passed your tests with "flying colors"…for some, the changes will not be as gentle, for you are still in the midst of your "tests"…for you, look deep within…What is it that you need to do? What is being asked of you?…for others, you are still learning the lessons that you incarnated to learn and your "tests" are still forth coming…for you, look within and ask yourselves what is it that I need to be doing to make my journey as painless as possible?…Remember, My Children, you are never asked to do more than you are capable of doing…do not become complacent…for you are always in the process of transformation while you walk the Earth Walk…but, also know you are never alone…many of you have recently discovered this Truth…others need to simply look around and you will find the encouragement and solace that you need…While you prepare for the next step of your journeys…

Ask yourselves what in my life no longer serves me? If something is no longer serving your needs, bless it and release it…If it still has TRUE usefulness, then thank it for its service thus far and cherish it…Again, remember, that if you hold on to something that is no longer in your best interest, then you are obstructing the creation of something better, something that will take you to new places, new heights, new pleasures…You, My Children, are the creators of your own destinies…

Brigantia 2007

as Channeled by Elda Lantz, ArchDrs.
Grove of the Avalon Rose
Marysville, CA
6 January 2007 10:52 A.M.
Moon occults Saturn (24 Leo)
Sun conjuncts Mercury

My Children,

As you of the Earth near what some call the End Times … referring to the last date of the Maya Calendar…you have choices that need to be made…not only in your individual lives, but in the lives with whom you share your present dimension of time and space…Long have you been told to take care of the lands, the waters and the air, but you have not heeded the call…Oh, some have and live the Path that they have chosen…but far too many have chosen to be caught up in the world of everyday life and of the mundane world….it is you to who we speak at this time…many of you are joining those who have already awaken and heeded our calls … our previous warnings…for you it is not too late…if you open your hearts and your minds now….the fires deep within the heart of the Earth Mother are heating up…you already see evidence of this in the changes taking place in the North and South Poles…this is part of the Ancient Shift of the Ages that we have so long talked about…remember, My Children…we do not talk to you in terms of hours and minutes or days, weeks, months, or years as you know them…we speak in terms of possibilities…for you of Earth have Free Will…you are the Masters and Mistresses of your own Destiny…the end has not shown itself to us yet…but we can say that changes are in process that will change life on Earth once again … this has already been set in motion, but to what extent is still a variable…As we have told you through many prophets and channels in the past…Be prepared…Let go of those things which no longer serve you … and embrace that which does at this time and in this place… You will continue to see the effects of that which is in process…the continued heating of the Earth Core…Volcanoes that were once extinct will again Roar….The Ice Caps and Glaciers will continue to Melt…Areas of Earth that were once barren will become green and that which was green will become barren…Listen to your hearts, My Children and Open Your Minds…Listen to the Voice Within….

Beltane 2007

Beltane 2007
Channel by Elda Lantz, ArchDrs.
Grove of the Avalon Rose
Marysville, CA
April 5, 2007 at approx. 11:30 p.m.

My Children:

You of the New Aeon…born of the Stars you are the reflection of those who came before you…for those of you who have chosen to reawaken the memories which have laid dormant for so many years…it is your Destiny to protect the Sacred Knowledge/Sacred Sites which has or will soon make itself/themselves known to you. Be open to ALL opportunities for Spiritual/personal growth. These opportunities may surprise you as to the circumstances surrounding their manifestation. Remember, YOU are a CHILD of the Divine Universe! You have chosen to Walk the Path of the Divine Marriage. This is not an easy Path and only those Advanced Initiates will succeed in mastering their Destinies…but master them you will! Remember too you are not alone on your Path. Be open to the support that surrounds you…both fellow travelers of your Path as well as those handmaidens/servants whose individual path is to support you in your work…you have heard my Call to Action…now it is time to choose the Action you will take …

Lughnasadh 2007

Elda Lantz, ArchDrs.
Grove of the Avalon Rose, Marysville, CA
27 July 2007, 8:00 a.m. PDT

Much as been written about what is commonly called The Indigo Children. These souls, that are also called Star Seed and were the original Illuminati. These souls have incarnated upon the Earth since the beginning of Time. As the Earth nears The Shift of the Ages, they have once again increased in numbers. This increase began in the mid-1930s and slowed down in the mid-1950s. An increase began again in the late 1970s and continues today. Those who have incarnated in the mid-1930s-1950s are the parents of these later souls. The parents recognize their children as Special and are rearing them in the Occult Arts. These Children are indeed the Children of Light. They will bring the Earth into a New Aeon of Knowledge, Beauty, Truth and Justice. The darkness that now prevails over the Earth will soon become Grey….this is due to the increase of the Light mixed with the Darkness. This Grey Time will be the most crucial that the Earth has seen in over 2,000 years….you who are the Children of the Stars … the true Illuminati…will experience what we can only describe as an emotional rollercoaster. Stay true to yourself and all will be as it is destined to be. You may waver, but at these times know that you are not alone and this feeling will only be temporary as your vibrational energies increase and the Veils between the Worlds continues to become almost non-existent. You will continue to recognize one another and to support the work of each other, for each of you are a component of what is to come. You are the pieces of the Great Puzzle of Life, of the Great Experiment of the Cosmos.

Samhain 2007

Samhain, 2007
As Channeled by Elda Lantz, ArchDruidess
October 9, 2007 at 1:05 p.m. while at Isis Oasis, Geyserville, California

My Children:

For you who are awakening - you are awakening not only to a new life of Spirit but a new life in the physical realm as well - what you once knew as your Truth is in process of transformation - of evolvement - accept what resonates with your heart at this time let the rest go while blessing it for having come to you. If is important for you it shall return at a more opportune time and place. For those of you who have answered my Call - ask yourselves - “Am I doing the work that my Divine Mother has asked of me, or am I working for self-realization of the physical part of my being?” - For those of you who can answer Yes (I am doing your work), I am your handmaiden/servant - watch for the signs of change around you - watch your dreams and visions - when you gather in small groups do not be afraid to talk of these dreams and vision for they are of such importance in the near future that you need confirmation of each other - you will soon be asked to share this knowledge with all of humanity. For those of you whom I have called my “Chosen Ones” - you have answered my Call on many, many levels - you have done well my Children - for you there is still much work to do in the preparation of the coming Shift. While the predictions of the Ancient Ones prepared you for your journey, so shall your work prepare those who come after - some of you have already been asked to face your greatest fears and have done so without any (or little) hesitation - For others this will soon be asked of you - search your hearts carefully and then go forth - EVOLUTION - TRANSFORMATION - GROWTH - individually and collectively are the keys to the future - as has been told to you many times - change is necessary - out of chaos change BECOMES - it is the energy that occurs during this birthing process as to the direction of that change………..


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