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Awakening of Aengus Og and Tara Rite
COVER: Volume V, Issue 3, Samhain 2010
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Awakening of Aengus Og and Tara Rite
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Ancient Egyptian Creation Myths
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REPORT: Convocation of the Fellowship of Isis at the Temple of Isis 2010
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Awakening of Aengus Og and Tara Rite
Based on an Unscripted Rite written Rt. Rev. Olivia Robertson
Dorn Simon-Sinnott
Iseum of Hekate, Phosphorus, Soteira & Psychopompus Hermeneus

Lia Fail (Stone of Destiny), Hill of Tara, Ireland

Invoking of the Deities Aengus Og, Tara, Dagda and Boann

I invoke thee oh mighty Aengus Og, Celt God of Love & Joy
That thou be called in to the Earth in Her time of need
May your presence grace this Rite
May your presence help aid & heal, bring love back to the Earth in her current state of dis-ease

I invoke thee oh beautiful Green Tara
Tara, Star of the Celts
That thou grace us with your divine Oracle
Protect us during this Rite
Replenish the Earth in Her time of need
We Honour thee at your namesake Tara Hill

I invoke thee Dagda Father of the Celts
Lord of the Celtic Gods & Ancient High King of Erin
We here honour thou Son Aengus Og
Whom without your Divine intervention would never have done exist

I invoke thee Boann, Mother of Aengus Og
Boyne Valley Queen
That thou grace us with your Well of Wisdom & Hazel Tree’s
Thus Bless & Root us in our Rite

Oracle of Green Tara
I, Green Tara of the Celtic Lands, of many a Hill in my namesake;
I do call upon each and every one of you Divine Children of the Earth Mother,
That thou see her cries of woe, her begging of your respect.
The Universe is in critical condition this Lughnasadh day.
It bears the strife created by Humanity, through greed, dis-ease, war, and natural resource’s abuse.
Our Mother is becoming sick, her natural beauty fading, her resource’s depleting, her joyous energies of life giving powers being ignored or overly & unjustly used.
It is time to wake up, time to offer your respect, love, gratitude & help.
Mother Earth gave you life, she provided to the very last of all that Human’s needed, you took more, now you panic & take even more again, losing sight of the solutions, by forging forth to save nothing but yourselves.
Do you not see, you are taking the very life FROM yourselves.
Your grasp for survival is taking away the only thing that will help you survive.
A Human survived is nothing without the Earth/Universe it dwells in,
For it is this Universe that gives you life, air, food; without it you are not living.
Yet join with the Universe in unison, respect, love, care, greener living, more home-grown sustainability, reduce, reuse, recycle; Feed not the negatives, Feed not consumerisms, Feed not the oil industry, Feed not the slaughter of animals, Feed not the ignorance of letting this all slide, Do not leave it up to others, Be involved, Be active, Be an activist if that’s what it takes.

Finding the Stillpoint/Connection
Offerings of Gifts/Incense
Pour Chalice some Juice
Words of Blessings to the Invoked Deities
Each in own words explain why you think that the return of the God of Love and Joy Aengus Og, was deeply needed at this time.

Dagda/Boann/Aengus Og
The conception & birth of Aengus Og

Narrative: Boann, Goddess of the Boyne Valley was happily married to Elcmar; She was being sought after for union with the Celt God & High King of Erin, Dagda. Boann being faithful & loyal to her Husband kept declining all of Dagda’s approaches, suggestions and seductions. Dagda was not a God or King that took kindly to not availing of what he desired. This infuriated him, humiliated him until Dagda came up with a sinister plot, and with his magickal abilities to bend time, he implemented his plan of action. Dagda sent forth word of a 24hr mission for Elcmar to attend.

Upon Elcmar’s departure, Dagda cast a spell to halt time, leaving the Sun unset and the Moon unrisen for a duration of nine months. Dagda impregnated Boann, and waited til the birth of his Son Aengus Og, before returning time to its natural state, and un-casting his spell. Dagda removed Aengus Og from his Mother Boann, who didn’t wish to be reminded of this crude encounter. Dagda placed Aengus to be reared and trained in combat, believing both his parents to be dead, his Mentor Midir his only family. During combat with an enemy, the enemy in a bid to infuriate Aengus, told him of his Royal lineage & birthright.
Furious Aengus confronted Dagda, which inturn had Aengus reside in the Bru Valley.

Awakening of Aengus

Tara: I am Queen of Heaven, Stars & Sky;
"There are many who wish to gain enlightenment
in a man's form,
And there are few who wish to work
for the welfare of living beings
in a female form.   
Therefore may I, in a female body,
work for the welfare of all beings,
until such time as all humanity has found its spiritual fullness."
I call on the birds that  now fly, high above your heads, upon this Hill of mine
May these birds manifest into the Kisses of Love, received from thy invoking Aengus Og, God of Love.

Aengus Og: I heed your call Dear Green Tara , as do I heed the call of all humanity at this time of need.
Love has become an ego, need has become a greed, health has been replaced with wealth…
I, Aengus Og with my birds of love, does sendeth them aflight to sprinkle kisses on every one tonight.
May these infused kisses swell the hearts of Humanity into joy, rejoicing thus that they understand, that it is they whom can heal this land, that when they ask, I’ll lend a helping hand.






About the Author: Dorn Simon-Sinnott is a Pagan Eclectic Witch, Priestess of Hekate, Writer, Divinator & Healer. Adept in the Fellowship of Isis, Dorn is founder of the Iseum of Hekate, Phosphorus, Soteira & Psychopompus Hermeneus. Her Iseum presently offers correspondence training through the Fellowship of Isis upon the Spiral of the Adepti path. (Note: There is a Waiting List)
Dorn is preparing for her Ordination for Priestess in the Fellowship of Isis, currently taking her Magi Degree's. She is honoured to be a Torchbearer of the Covenant of Hekate. Dorn's written work includes published articles in Discover Leitrim Magazine; Articles/Rites & Poetry in the Mirror of Isis, and Isis-Seshat Magazines, and as a contributor in the well received Anthology Hekate: Her Sacred Fires (2010 - Avalonia)
Her Spiritual interests include Ancient Witchcraft Traditions/Pantheons, Ancient Alphabets/Languages, Druidry, Egyptian Mysteries, Esotericism, Shamanism, Inca/Inka, and the Occult Sciences.
Being Child & Servant of Hekate, Isis, Hermes, Persephone, Pachamama & Wirococha ... to mention a few.
Dorn has attained the following:
Dip. Psych. Dip. Crim. GSHA.
Usui Shiki Ryoho, Usui Reiki Ryoho Master/Teacher
One Spirit Shamanic Healing Master
Isis Blue Moon Reiki Master
(The above being only a few of the Healing Modalities I am attuned as Practioner/Master/Teacher with Angelic work inclusive).
Having also trained & tutored in Advanced Broadcast Media (TV) Production.
Dorn is based in Wexford, Ireland.


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